Baby Come Back

I hate getting sick.

You lay in bed doing  – nothing. So with limited options to pass away the time, I cranked up my dad’s old Sony FM radio and surfed around for some tunes. A few stations later this old song from the 70’s suddenly made me sit up and actually listen. The melody sounded so haunting and each lyrical line just feels like a ton of bricks crashing inside your heart. So even though I was supposed to be just resting, I got up, took out my old acoustic and tried to learn the song. I liked it so much I ended up recording the whole thing!

The thing is I wasn’t born when the song was publicly released, so I wonder how come the tune feels so familiar? Like it was speaking to me at this point in time and not three decades ago..

Our present day lifestyle is somewhat fast and flashy. New phones sprout every year. Photos could be shared instantaneously and I could chat with family members while I eat my Chinese take-away. Technology has made everything better.

Or has it?

Listening over the years have taught me that no amount of marketing and technological enhancements can cover up for terrible tunes. Music simply goes beyond that. These great songs have that magical quality in them – an invisible connection between the artist and the listener, which endures time and trends. A thread navigates through the maze of our present day musical excesses and silently reach down to our souls, tugging and coaxing those which are hidden. Freeing your spirit of worldly burdens and struggles. Making everything seem a lot better.

Well at least for 5 minutes.

..some things cost more than you realize – Radiohead


Acoustic Cover & Artwork by Allan Olinares . Song by Player



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