Everyday. I will.

I hate it when I look at your picture and see your smile. I know it will never be for me. All those talks which I had taken for granted then are just memories now. Yet I hold on to them because it’s the only thing I have of you.

Do you ever think of those moments we had? Would you laugh if you knew that I still play them in my head?

I stare at your picture and it still feels like I haven’t seen you in ages. I can hear you talk but I barely understand the words. I wanted more of you yet I don’t need you anymore. You’re like an unprescribed drug I knew I shouldn’t have taken too much. Now I’m reeling over – and no one knows it but me.

I ride the bus going home and see those places we used to go to. Like flashes of car lights in the highway, they make me remember in a split second of what we were before. I wonder if you ever miss me the way I do?

Tonight will you remember me when the moonlight shines in your face and drop those summer dews to your lips? Will you think of me when the faint rustling of the wind caresses your hair?

Everyday. I will.




I say all the right things at exactly the right time. But I mean nothing to you and I don’t know why. – Vertical Horizon, Everything You Want

Acoustic Cover by Allan Olinares . Song by Vertical Horizon . Image by teh-chix0r





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