Baby Come Back

I hate getting sick.

You lay in bed doing  – nothing. So with limited options to pass away the time, I cranked up my dad’s old Sony FM radio and surfed around for some tunes. A few stations later this old song from the 70’s suddenly made me sit up and actually listen. The melody sounded so haunting and each lyrical line just feels like a ton of bricks crashing inside your heart. So even though I was supposed to be just resting, I got up, took out my old acoustic and tried to learn the song. I liked it so much I ended up recording the whole thing!

The thing is I wasn’t born when the song was publicly released, so I wonder how come the tune feels so familiar? Like it was speaking to me at this point in time and not three decades ago..

Our present day lifestyle is somewhat fast and flashy. New phones sprout every year. Photos could be shared instantaneously and I could chat with family members while I eat my Chinese take-away. Technology has made everything better.

Or has it?

Listening over the years have taught me that no amount of marketing and technological enhancements can cover up for terrible tunes. Music simply goes beyond that. These great songs have that magical quality in them – an invisible connection between the artist and the listener, which endures time and trends. A thread navigates through the maze of our present day musical excesses and silently reach down to our souls, tugging and coaxing those which are hidden. Freeing your spirit of worldly burdens and struggles. Making everything seem a lot better.

Well at least for 5 minutes.

..some things cost more than you realize – Radiohead


Acoustic Cover & Artwork by Allan Olinares . Song by Player



Seven Years

“Write the bad things that are done to you in the sand, but write the good things that happen to you on a piece of marble.” – Arabian Proverb





Everyday. I will.

I hate it when I look at your picture and see your smile. I know it will never be for me. All those talks which I had taken for granted then are just memories now. Yet I hold on to them because it’s the only thing I have of you.

Do you ever think of those moments we had? Would you laugh if you knew that I still play them in my head?

I stare at your picture and it still feels like I haven’t seen you in ages. I can hear you talk but I barely understand the words. I wanted more of you yet I don’t need you anymore. You’re like an unprescribed drug I knew I shouldn’t have taken too much. Now I’m reeling over – and no one knows it but me.

I ride the bus going home and see those places we used to go to. Like flashes of car lights in the highway, they make me remember in a split second of what we were before. I wonder if you ever miss me the way I do?

Tonight will you remember me when the moonlight shines in your face and drop those summer dews to your lips? Will you think of me when the faint rustling of the wind caresses your hair?

Everyday. I will.




I say all the right things at exactly the right time. But I mean nothing to you and I don’t know why. – Vertical Horizon, Everything You Want

Acoustic Cover by Allan Olinares . Song by Vertical Horizon . Image by teh-chix0r




A song for you

I see you have found my old park bench.

No please have seat. I don’t often socialize nowadays and I’d be good to have someone to talk to. What was it? Oh yes, I like sitting here. It’s tucked away and secluded. Nah. I don’t mind these overgrown shrubs. It kind of gives this area of the park a different vibe. Gardeners? Ha! Nobody hangs around here anyway so I don’t think anybody bothers.

Sometimes I wonder why they placed her here. It’s a waste of money installing park benches in areas where people wouldn’t wander and sit. They could have put up a fancy lampost instead. Or a vending machine.

But I like the calm. That’s why I’m here all the time. How about you? I bet you took a wrong turn and got lost. Well, I don’t believe in coincidences. I like to think that everything happens for a pupose. Maybe like me, you needed to come here as well.

Yeah this bench is a bit worn and faded now. She must’ve been here for years. I often think of the people who got “lost” and stumbled into her. How many sat here by themselves and silently recounted their stories in confidence? You know stuff people wouldn’t tell anyone else..

..well at least she knows mine.

You might not believe it now but I had someone sitting here with me before. Those were happy days. Different times. I think even these overgrown bushes had flowers back then. And the footpaths weren’t as muddy.

But one day she left without saying goodbye. I was confused and hurt because I thought she was happy with me. At least I was with her. After she’d gone I’d sit here every afternoon and wait for her, whispering all sorts of prayers. Hoping that the wind would somehow bring them to her so she’d get to hear them. And maybe she’d come back. You see we were really happy and I wanted to know what happened to us and what happened to her..

..(Falling leaves)

Ah they’re lovely. You don’t like them do you? They say that when leaves fall around you, it’s a sign that the gods are listening. Whether they care or not, I don’t exactly know. Superstitions, yes – but with a broken heart you’d believe anything anyone throws at you. Even dead tree leaves.

No she hasn’t returned. Or maybe not yet. I still keep hoping though. Maybe if I hope hard enough..

I just find it difficult to, you know..move on. I pretend it’s fine but I’m really not. It’s a game I’m getting good at nowadays. Kind of like those magicians in a circus. You know that everything’s a set-up but you still clap and enjoy the show imagining it’s real.

So I’ll see you around. Glad we met. You can have your turn sitting here at my bench. It’s so quiet here and you’ll have a chance to get your thoughts together. Maybe the leaves will fall around you as well ..

Until the next time. Peace out!



They say that when leaves fall around you, it’s a sign that the gods are listening. Whether they care or not, I don’t exactly know. Superstitions, yes – but with a broken heart you’d believe anything anyone throws at you. Even dead tree leaves.

Instrumental Music & Artwork by Allan Olinares . Original Bench image courtesy of x2thed

The missing pieces

November first is just around the corner.

It’s a holiday in my part of the world and people look forward to it. Who wouldn’t? A bit of a breather from work and a chance to catch up with family and friends, sounds good to me!

But its also a time for remembrance. I grew up hearing stories about my long gone family members and how they lived during those times. Their struggles would now seem simple in comparison to our modern woes but I still admire all their efforts to persevere and succeed. Took them years to get there but hey, roses don’t bloom in a day. Nowadays people just take cleverly-aimed snapshots at themselves having fun, looking like a million bucks, maybe do a bit of app-filtering before posting at social media sites and there you go! The modern version of rags-to-riches success story. Five minutes tops!

I digress.

It’s when you encounter finality that you begin to appreciate the time you have in this world. It’s like those blasted deadlines in the office. I swear without them you won’t get anything done. Everybody would be procrastinating and sitting in the cafeteria. That or sleeping in the bathroom cubicles. I’d do the latter.

On the way to work I would hear people say things like “You know (place friend’s name here) is a f@*%ing moron!” or “..(place another friend’s name here) should grow some balls!” and other similar pleasing conversations. I smile because I’m guilty as well. I bet we all are. What I am trying to point out is that nobody will be perfect. Well, except that damn Facebook post by (place your Facebook friend’s name here) who looks as if partying and posting whatever they eat 24 hours has been deemed mandatory by law.

Again I digress. I do miss those people who aren’t with me anymore. I sure wish I had spent more time with them while they were here. So I try my best to make every effort (with emphasis on try) of giving my time to those still hanging around. Easier said than done right? It’s better to ignore them if they do something crazy and stupid. But time is short and who can say when we actually go from this place? Might be tomorrow or next week, who knows? I’d like to spend some time with them now while they are still here. Besides I could always call them a dork and kick their tombstones later on.

So I’ll be spending more meaningful time with family and close friends. That will be fun. Should have done it a long time ago. I do have to get creative for those in my “Love-Thy-Neighbor-Nevertheless” list. I hope I won’t run out of ideas because it’s a long one.

Until the next tune. Peace out!



Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin. – Mother Teresa

Acoustic Cover & Artwork by Allan Olinares. Song by Dave Barnes